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Tri-Provincial Research Call-Out

Prairieaction Foundation (PAF) is committed to funding research that leads to evidence informed outcomes for communities related to issues of violence and abuse. We specifically provides grant funds for research that engages in solution focused outcomes that lead to better programs to keep our communities safer. Tri-Provincial Research is conducted across the three prairie provinces.

Important Note: Organizations require their own registered charitable number to be eligible for funding.

Recent Tri-Provincial research project award recipients:

  • 2019 – Human Trafficking in the Prairie Provinces: Systems Responses to Domestic Human Trafficking of Youth Girls and Women within and across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. (Hope Restored – Saskatchewan).
  • 2019 – Examining the Nature & Context of IPV in the 2SLGBTQ Community. (Rainbow Resource Centre Inc. – Manitoba).
  • 2019 – Responding to Women who Experience IPV in Rural Municipalities Across the Prairies. (Western Manitoba Women’s Regional Resource Centre Inc. – Manitoba). 
  • 2018 – Under reporting in Abuse of Older Adults in the Prairie Provinces. (Age & Opportunity Inc. – Manitoba).
  • 2018 – Caught in the Middle: Children’s Involvement in the Court Process as it Relates to Intimate Partner Violence. (The Winnipeg Children’s Access Agency, Inc. – Manitoba).
  • 2017 – The Multi-Faces of IPV Across the Prairie Provinces: Men as Victims. (The Laurel Centre – Manitoba).
  • 2017 – Adjusting the New Life in the Prairies: Needs of Newcomers Women who Experience Intimate Partner Violence. (Provincial Association of Transition Houses and Services of Saskatchewan (PATHS)).

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