Education & Awareness Grants

We believe that building awareness about violence and abuse can make a difference in the lives of families and our communities. The Education & Awareness (E&A) Grant Program provides small grants to community-based, non-profit organizations for activities that will:

  • Increase the knowledge and understanding about violence and abuse;
  • Actively involve the community by encouraging actions that will lead to a safe and violence free society; and
  • Promote awareness, networking and discussion

E&A Grants are available for application any time throughout the year.

Recent Education & Awareness Grant recipients:

  • 2019 – Saskatchewan Towards Offering Partnership Solutions to Violence (STOPS) – SK
  • 2019 – Bullying Ends Here (BEH) – AB
  • 2019 – Hope Restored – SK
  • 2018 – Catholic Family Services (CFS) – SK
  • 2017 – Rowan House – MB
  • 2017 – Sexual Assault Services of Saskatchewan (SASS) – SK
  • 2016 – Sexual Assault Services of Saskatchewan (SASS) – SK

How do I apply?

Submit a Letter of Intent and include the following:

  • Registered charitable number –  without this, organizations will be not eligible for funding;
  • A detailed letter outlining the request;
  • A budget indicating where and how the grant will be spent; and,
  • Complete contact information of the person submitting the application.

Note: Grants are allocated up to $7,500.

Email your E&A Grant request to:

Education & Awareness Grant Applications

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