CARE Grants

The CARE Grant Program furthers our goal to support community-based research into solutions to violence and abuse.   The Program funds grassroots, community-based organizations to do action-oriented research that will improve their programs and identify effective strategies to alleviate and prevent violence and abuse in their communities. CARE Grant funding cannot be used to fund administrative costs for partner academc institutions. Congratulations to the 2013 recipients of our CARE Grants, and the 2013 recipients of our Education & Awareness Grants, 2012-2013 Grant Recipients.

Past successful grants recipients are listed below:

2011-2012 Grant Recipients

2010-2011 Grant Recipients

2009-2010 Grant Recipients

2008-09 Grant Recipients

2007-08 Grant Recipients

2006-07 Grant Recipients

2005-06 Grant Recipients

2004-05 Grant Recipient

2003-04 Grant Recipients