In response to the 1989 Montreal Massacre, an Alliance of five regional research centres are created, including the Manitoba Research Centre on Family Violence and Violence against Women based at the University of Manitoba. These centres are devoted to finding the causes of family violence and violence against women. Federal funding is received for a five-year period.

February 1997

The five-year Federal funding for the centres runs out. Creative solutions for continuing the work done at the Manitoba Centre is sought from the community.

Summer 1997

Early development of the Prairie RESOLVE (Research and Education for Solutions to Violence and Abuse) network takes place. Two additional provincial offices are created at the universities of Calgary and Saskatchewan.

Fall 1997

Prairieaction Foundation (PAF) is established: a national public foundation that will raise a multi-million dollar endowment fund (The Legacy Fund) to support the work of RESOLVE, as well as a national granting program for community-based research.


Seven Prairie universities (Manitoba, Brandon, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Regina, Calgary, and Alberta) become partners in the RESOLVE network.

August 2001

With their ongoing fundraising, PAF is able to grant more than $90,000 to the RESOLVE network. RESOLVE is then able to leverage the donation into over $1 million in additional research grants to find solutions to violence and abuse.


PAF completes its $5 million Founders’ Campaign.

Beyond 2002

PAF launches the Momentum Campaign with a goal of raising $2.5 million to complete the $7.5 million Prairieaction Foundation Legacy Fund.

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